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Raw Therapee vs Capture One 4 Beta (added Lightroom)


New Member
Hi ...
My preferred raw developer is Bibble but it doesnt support GRD/GX100 so I've been looking for alternatives. Downloaded Raw Therapee (donationware) and C1 Version 4 public beta. I'm very impressed with RT's detail extraction and general image quality. C1V4 is also pretty good but seems to have some problems with some images. Have attached one example (100%, default output from both developers, note purple fringing).
Regards, Roman

Addition: tried Lightroom - better than C1 but not as good as RT

Capture One 4

Raw Therapee



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Have you tried Silkypix? I'm also trying to find the best option for developing GR-D raw files. I recently compared Silkypix and the Capture One beta, and the Silkypix output seemed much better (though annoyingly I found Silkypix very slugglish on my machine). If you haven't tried it, see what you think - you can download a basic free version.
Hi James
Thanks for the tip - downloaded Silkypix. In the example crops posted originally, Silkypix does a similar thing to C1 - the jaggies and purple fringing are there although a bit less than C1, but significantly more so than LR and RT.
I'm still playing around but it looks like I'll go with RT at the moment. Pretty good for $5 donationware!
Regards, Roman

did you use RT in default or neutral mode? When I remember right, the default setting includes some corrections, which should also be available in the other converters, but are turned off by default.
Hi Kamil ...
Yes, I've been careful to compare like with like and make sure things like sharpening, noise, saturation etc are off.
I cant say for sure that this was the case with the crops but when I developed this shot in C1 I was surprised by the purple fringing so wanted to show that. I've played with this shot a lot in all developers but cant get any better output from C1 or Lightroom. I used the EAHD algorithm in RT for 5 passes so its a bit slower than the others but speed doesn't concern me.
On the other hand RT isnt as good in other areas like chroma noise suppression vs C1 or highlight recovery vs Lightroom. Oh well, one day someone will write a raw converter .... :)
Regards Roman