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Quality Filters 43mm (Zeiss Glass)

thx Luis I want to buy a UV and cir-pl can you or any one else recomend any good ones? there much difference between the manufacturers in terms of quallity?
In the market you have plastic, poor glass and good multicoated glass ... from the cheapest to expensive or very expensive ...
Hoya HMC or SuperHMC Series are not bad but Hoya doesnt produce 43mm filters, you will have to use 52mm filters with a step up ring.
Rodenstock produces first-class flters they have 43mm and even the polarizer is slim (Dont buy the HR Digital Series, its just a "mass markting" serie) ;)
Also very good filters are made by B+W (look for the MRC coating) and I think Hama HTMC filters are also not bad.