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Psychology of Praying


New Member
While walking around an Indian Temple recently and admiring its architecture suddenly I saw this
little lady on the ground bowing her head many times offering her respect. She was about 15 feet
away from the main door of the temple. I watched in amazement for a second or two before I whipped
out my little black devil to snap this one and only shot of the action.

What amazed me was the two coloured paper bags that she had and one on each side of her. Just as
I snap the shutter she got up and carried the bags and walk away in a hurry. I was in a stunning ovation
having the opportunity witnessing the scene.


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    Street #11.jpg
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Young and old would flock to this famous Temple in Waterloo Street downtown to offer their respect
and prayers. In the early evening most of the worshippers were back home.

The area surrounding the temple is always crowded. True to believe you will find an Indian temple
existing just next to this Chinese one. The believers went there for their activities without fear of any
disturbances, fear, destruction or trouble.

This is truly an unique observation to the foreigners of the kind of lifestyle you can get in Singapore.


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The temple is closed and activities slow down in the late afternoon.
However this fortune teller has not call it a day yet because he knew there will be
customers coming to see him right after office hours. At this moment he has to wait.


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    Fortune Teller outside temple.jpg
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The gray structure on the left is a Chinese temple and next to it is an Indian temple.
The Indian temple is under renovation.


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