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Problem with display?


New Member
I'm new in the forum and would first like to thank you for all the useful info you guys give! And second I would like to find out if what I'm experiencing with my display is common.
Anyway, I always turn off my display and just use the optical finder,the problems comes when I change the aperture sometimes nothing shows on the display, I always have to press the ADJ button a few times for it to show.
I hope my explanation is clear enough for you guys to understand. Thank you agian and i hope you can give some help.
Hello Rad,
What you described sounds like a bug.
Indeed, even if I don't use optical finder and never turn off the display, I tried to check if happens what you described.
So, when I am either in program mode or aperture on my GRD2, and when I turn the dial, then the screen appears for a short time, without image of course, but with the informations...
What do you mean "sometime" ? Do you want to say sometime you got a display and sometime no ?
Have you carefully compare the situations, and all conditions are same ?
Sorry not been able helping you more...
Best regards
Thank you very much for the welcome and your replies! Sorry took me awhile because I was out of town for two weeks.
Anyway, it doesn't happen often just sometimes. I have updated it to the latest firmware and I'm not sure if the problem began after the update or not. :( Not really a big deal, but if they can sort it out with the next firmware, would be great.
Thank you again.