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Planning to buy GDR2 today & tried in 2 shops but......


New Member
Hi everyone, I'm new in here & also I'm a newbie in DC.

I planned buying the GRD2 today but after tested in 2 shops I found :

1. the AF cannot lock-in when I'm trying to focus an object within 2 - 3 feet. I have to switch to marco mode or away from the object further & it's okay.
2. taking snap focus mode of a scene away from me approx 7 - 8 feet, the pic is blurr ( out of focus ). A scene far away aprox 20 feet is okay.

Right now, I own a LX2 & the AF is working correctly 2 - 3 feet from object. I want to buy the GRD2 as it is also attractive to me in the way of the outlook & the great quality 28mm lens. However, it stops me when it seems that the AF is not the way I think.

Can anyone lighten me up ? Is it the problem of me that my skills & DC knowledge are not good enough to handle this cam & simply don't know the limits of the GRD2, or I have tried possible a defected one ?

Thanks for any input.
Hi TTam,
I'm still getting use to my GRD II and can help you on that first question. I found in my testing I can get focus
within roughly 15-18 inches and that is inside the house just using a fairly dim desk lamp, the book says 30cm or around
a foot which could be correct with the right lighting.
I played around ONCE so far with the snap mode and found it to be pretty neat. I was shooting at items in the house with very
low light that were about 6-10 feet away with not too much problem (focus was pretty good). I THINK it's fixed at 2.5 meters
or 8.2 feet in snap.

With the first issue it is possible that it depends if the focus was set at multi or spot in your case, but I don't know enough
about the camera yet to say so definitively. It may effect Snap too.

It is a fun camera and I really like the flexability of the settings. Suprised you found 2 shops in DC that had the GRD II. There are
only two main sellers in the U.S., Adorama and PopFlash.
Suprised you found 2 shops in DC that had the GRD II
Gil, I think TTam meant that he's new to Digital Cameras, not Washington D.C. :)
Although it is a bit confusing when (s)he mentions owning an LX2 (Panasonic?). Then again, maybe Washington really IS that magical.
Haha yes, what I mean DC is digital cam & this is what the people usually called in HK, sorry for confusing :lol:

Thanks for your reply, Gil & KaRoy & forgive my poor English.

Yes, I bought the Panasonic LX2 about 1/2 year & it's the first prosumer class cam that I own. So I have nothing to compare with this new GRD2 except the LX2 I 'm playing now.

I was using multi AF to test. The first shop is in decent light & the second shop is even dimmer. In the first shop, I was trying to focus the box of the GRD2 & a white color table calender away from me approx 3 feet. The guy switched the GRD2 off & on again & it can focus again but after awhile playing, it starts out of focus again. When I was trying the snap mode, I was taking 2 sides of the shop window display standing 90 degree each other with the distance of 7 - 8 feet from my hand to the corner where both window meet. I have to turn on the macro mode all the time in order to get 100% correct focus.

I have a better result in the 2nd shop with even dimmer light. I was trying multi AF to focus of the watch on my hand. I got the focus locked approx. 2 feet. Snap mode is okay with a small x'mas tree on the table away from me approx. 6 feet.

So what do you think ? I'm gonna try it again & see so what else should I try ?
TTam, your english is just fine, don't worry about it. It isn't my first language either, so I understand.

BTW, I'm wondering if trying to switch on or off the AF light could make a difference. Maybe it's bouncing all over the place. Although, experiencing the same thing in two separate stores would lead me to conclude that it doesn't. I wonder what kind of return policies you can get there. Perhaps, put down some security money and ask them if you can take out the cams for a test drive around the shops. See what your experience is outside of the stores. If that makes a difference. Also, if the cams are demos, meaning being played with by others, be sure to reset the shooting defaults for your tests (Shooting Menu, very last option at the bottom).

Finally, I've tried to see how focusing behaves for me, but being indoors, etc., I see no problems, which doesn't help you of course... ;)
Thanks KaRoy !

I'll definitely try again some day this week. Both shops I went accept returns within 8 days but only can exchange to same price products but not cash back....

This camara is neat & I'm sure I'll bring it with me everyday.

However, I need to gather more info & try again before taking it home as my x'mas gift. It's no doubt a lovely camara.
Okay. After being busted in other Chinese forum & requesting me to study more about photographic, I have some conclusions now.

Here's the explaination of how snap mode works. Simply saying, the camera will choose to reduce the aperture in order to get a clear shoot of a wide range of the field ( depth of field ? ). So it means that day when I tested the camera in one of shops,

1.) I was using F2.4 so it's difficult to get a clear pic of a wide range of field of a F3.5 or lower or

2.) the camera automically switched to a smaller aperture ( bigger no. of F ) in order to get a clear depth of field but then, my hands shaked & pic blured.

Concerning the AF problem, some people said they experienced same problem sometimes no matter indoor or outdoor but some don't.

Anybody can comment on these ? I know many Pros & experiences here & it sounds a beginner's question. Thanks for any input.