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Photos posted on Pbase


New Member
For what it's worth - I have posted a few photos on my Pbase nothing "artistic or scientific", just some family photos from a weekend day in Dubai both ISO80 and ISO400, I have converted from RAW in Lightroom, done a bit of cropping, some vignetting, I reduced the default noise reduction from 25 to 20. I am quite pleased with the result and the camera works well, it's very compact and feels great with my voigtlander 28mm external viewfinder. One thing I feel is totally under valued by most camera reviewers is the fact that both GRD2 and GX100 also works with normal AAA batteries - apart from being great cameras, this little detail could make the all difference. I hope to do some more stuff in the next few weeks, I am traveling to South Africa and Philippines, so there should be something interesting coming to my Pbase.