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photographing the same place in different seasons

Do you guys photographing exactly the same place in different seasons or just different time? I just tried it and it seems to be a great fun (mainly to find the same spot and angle, from where you took the previous pics). Here is my first attempt..

The autumn shot I did yeasterday doesn't look very "autumn" as the tree is still green and full of leafs. So I will probably take another shot later. And I'm planning to take a shot also in winter and during summer next year. But maybe I will take a shot each month? It really is a fun ;)

I once saw a movie (i think called "Smoke") with great Harvey Keitel. In that movie he was photographing the same spot each day at the same hour. I think photographing the same spot each day at the same time (especially if one want to catch the daylight) is almost impossible in current rush times. But let's say once a week/month should be pretty doable? It's only about to find an interesting place (which is not my example ;) ).

Do you have similar shots? Feel free to share them here!


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I sort of did this some years back when I car-pooled to work. I stod at the same place at the same time day after day waiting for the car, and when the view was extra spectacular for some reason, or I was extra spectacularly bored, I'd snap a shot or two. They are from my pre-ricoh years (a Sony U20), but I'll post them anyway. ...Hm, I was so sure I could put together a "four season" set, but I couldn't. I pointed the camera in too many different directions, and probably deleted most of these "boaring" pictures. This is the best I could do:


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i was thinking, it would be very admiring if one would do a 365 daily pic of the same place, and run it through a animation of gradual transition of the 4 seasons...

i cant do it where i live, it is "summer" all year round at the equator... :(