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peque gallaga #3


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manila, philippines


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I absolutely love this picture. So I had to look up keylight and kicker and dedolight on google. And now I have to buy some lights to play with. Hm, maybe I'll try to experiment with home-made equipment first...
no need for "professional lights" sir... in this case my "key light" was the desk lamp and could have used any other household/directional light source as a "kicker" (in effect just to add a highlight and separate the back of his head from the background) ;) i have been a professional cinematographer for the last 15 years and believe it or not the movies i've shot that got me the most awards are those that are mostly shot with "available" light (even at night)... any questions will be entertained, am more than amicable in sharing the little knowledge i can impart- ergo i also teach lighting at a local university here in manila :lol: though am sure others may learn from viewing these threads, if necessary you or anyone in this forum can email me directly via for a quicker response since i am currently shooting yet another indy film and some tv commercials and documentaries simultaneously so really haven't had time to check or contribute to this site as much as i'd want to for the moment- by the way, would you know if i am the only subscribing member to this forum from the philippines? :roll: it's a matter of choosing the right "situation"... this for example is obviously available light- just a matter of timing and composition- ... _1triad#16 ... yet another example of "available" lighting and where to put your exposure- ... _3triad#61
Thank you for your encouragement. I get very inspired by all the pictures you've posted at ricohforum, especially the portraits, and I try to learn by studying them. Yesterday I did some experiments with two cheap spot-lights just to try this "artificial" lighting technique out. The results were, hm... interesting. I think it will take some practice. :)

I also like ... _2triad#33 very much. Using available light seams even harder, so I'll leave that for the pros for now. ;-)

I'm sure I will have questions further on, and I'll be very happy to ask for your advice.