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Pentax Flash?


New Member
Looking at the Pentax AF-360FGZ flash for the GX100, using the flash in it's manual mode.
The AF-360FGZ seems to have most of the features I want in a small, bounce, adjustable output, fast recharge rate flash.
I wondered if this would work well with the ricoh GX100?

My main wants are small size and bounce.

any other ideas or recommendations?

Thanks in advance,
As far as I understand this, the flash always fires with maximum power. So it would be useful to manually reduce the maximum flash output on the flash. As far as I understand the above mentioned Metz, this is not possible.

I tried to use an old chinon (Auto S360 i think) flash that my mother used with her nikon fg (in full-autimatic(!) mode, 20 years ago(!)), but it always fired with full power on the Gx100 and that flash is pritty powerful, which was annoying in this case... A shame that the GX100 doesn't have a hot shoe.

EDIT: I just ran through the manual once more, It looks like the flash has some built in automatic and doesn't communicate with the camera, maybe I should give it another try :) But anyway, I think the option to manually reduce the output would be nice for the "perfect" GX-100 flash...
The Metz C-2 is highly regarded by several I have spoken to.
I use a tiny Sunpak PF20XD on my GRD.

However it does not bounce :(
I got a Metz C-2 for my GR-D. It seems to be doing a good enough job, though I've had an attack of flu so I haven't had a chance to play with it properly or do useful test shots. Manual, auto-f2.8 and auto-f5.6, with a neat little bounce head. The auto modes do the job, though I've had to play with the apertures a bit because I've been shooting in smallish white walled rooms at home! Sync seems to work up to about 1/1000 or so - 1/1600 doesn't work right with that flash and it's unreliable with the Nikon SB-28 as well. The C-2 is cheap - €48, about the same size as the camera and works as well as non-TTL is going to. The coverage is fine at 28mm, though I think I need to find a diffuser for use with the 21mm adaptor. Metz say all their new flashes are OK on digital cameras that want lower trigger voltages.
The Olympus FL40 looks nice but yes it much bigger than the GX100, the catalog dimensions are 5.2" x 4.6" x 3".
Compared to the Pentax AF360 = 4.5" x 4.3" x 2.8", still its bigger than a GX100. :|

Does the FL40 have an red Auto focus assist feature?
It looks like the AF360 can be put in a non flash mode that just projects a red auto focus assit light for the camera. Hopefully someone with a AF360 will confirm.
The FL40 has red assist but it dont work with the Ricoh-it only works with an Olympus camera.
With the ricoh its to set up manually.

i've just received a flash bracket to use with this-,you need the olympus fl-cb05 to make the set up work without attaching the fl40 direct to the gx100 hot shoe.

i found my cable at 26 euro on e bay-otherwise it costs a ridiculous 90+ euro....

The Fl40 can be found pretty cheap on e bay-this flash works with a lot of oly cameras but not with the e 330 e 500 onwards so many people are having to upgrade their flash with the newer Oly models.Its a great workhorse-I slogged it at a party for over 300 shots in 3 hours.batteries got very hot.

b rgds

Colman":ihta4jri said:
...The coverage is fine at 28mm, though I think I need to find a diffuser for use with the 21mm adaptor...

Thanks for the report! :D Did you ever wind up finding a suitable wide angle diffuser? I'm really considering buying one of these Metz flashes.
senorbelly, I've just dug a diffuser panel out of my "flash stuff" drawer - I spent a little time caving with a camera so I have all sorts of flash junk! - and did a couple of test shots:

There are comparisons shots with my SB-28 as well. Now, I don't consider the light fall off in the corners all that important since I generally use the flash either as fill or on bounce anyway, but your mileage may differ ... note that I'm using a GRD, not a GX100.
I'm using an Olympus FL-36, it's slightly larger than the GX-100 and uses 2AAs. The flash is complete with bounce and tilt capabilities, making it pretty versatile as well.
So, I got a Metz 20 C-2 flash for my GX100, and after taking some preliminary snaps with a 19mm adapter, uh, I can't really see much vignetting or falloff, in either bounce or front settings! I could be crazy, though, so I'll do some more thorough experimenting.

But for now, could this flash be a true winner..?
If you saw my tests, there is clearly a little falloff, but you need to be taking pictures of plain white backgrounds to see it. Why would you do that with a 19mm lens?? In real life I don't think there's a problem.
I talked to a friend that has the Pentax AF360 flash. He said it will only function as a red focus assit lamp on certain Pentax cameras. :(

I'm not sure what flash I'll end up getting.
Metz 20 C-2... i LOVE this unit. It's amazing...

Turns in great results. Takes a bit to cycle but hey... it's tiny. Very small and can easily fit into a jacket pocket (although it'll take up the whole pocket)...

The bounce feature works like a charm with the head tilting at 75, 60, and 45 degrees as well as 90 of course. Turn the camera into portrait orientation with the bounce head tilted to 90 and you can now bounce off walls. I was testing the unit last night and every shot turned out amazing. With Colman's tests we can see it diffuses well and has wide angle coverage...

Awesome unit. I'm VERY satisfied with the size and output/results. Lots of better flashes out there both smaller and with more pleasing/powerful output but they won't have bounce or they're so big you might as well bring your bag and if you're bringing your bag might as well bring... you know the story...
I had a chance and borrowed a Pentax AF360 flash to try out.
I downloaded the Pentax AF360 flash operating manual.

Size wise, it is about 2-1/2 times larger than a GX100.
The flash has bounce but does not swivel.
I had wondered about the AF360's focus assist lamp, and confirmed it does not work with any camera but a Pentax camera.
The flash took 4 AA batteries, which recharged fairly fast and lasted a long time.
The auto matic mode for direct flash seemed to work out with very pleasing exposures and very long flash distance.
Very good flash coverage at 24mm, also there is a 20mm wide angle panel built into the flash head that really had good coverage for the DW-6 lens.
The bounce mode was was what I was interested in and the bounce setup on auto mode turned out to be very good.
I liked it, I liked it a lot, but I think I will look for a smaller flash.