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OVF for the GX100?

Any of the Cosina Voigtländer finders are top notch, as the Zeiss or Leica ones. Be warned anyways that some of these latter can cost more than your GX100.


Ed Albesi
Buenos Aires
Can I use Ricoh GRD OVF with my GX100? I am going to use 28mm in GX100.
I have allready voigtländer 21mm but I think it is not so good with GX100.
I'm using the Voigtländer finder that came with my 25mm Snapshot Skopar for the 24mm position (in 3:2), and this works marvellously. As I don't have any other CV finders (yet - I'm thinking of buying a 28mm Color Skopar + finder), I'm considering using my Russian turret finder for the 28, 35 and 50mm settings. I did some checks and the coverage seems to be pretty good. I'm just not sure how easy it will be in practive, especially compared to the magnificently clear CV finders... I'll let you kow how it goes.

I have the same question.

I'm considering a GX100 or a GRD1 (can't afford the GRD2 right now). I definitely want an OVF for either one. If I get the GRD, I'll probably go for the GV-2 since it is very compact and built for the 4:3 native ratio of the GRD (which I really like). If I get the GX100, I still may go for the GV-2 if I decide 28mm is the focal length I'll use most, or I may go for the CV 28/35 mentioned earlier in the thread. However, I much prefer 4:3 to 3:2, both from an aesthetic perspective and file resolution perspective (3:2 is of course a crop, so won't be the full resolution the GX100 is capable of). Would the CV 28/35 finder be completely useless for 4:3?

I use the "ikodot" now. It is very easy to use, and you can keep bothe eyes open when you look.
more pictures:
Wow! That is one nifty device! I ended up buying a CV 35 OVF, which I am very happy with. But of course it only works for the 35mm FOV. The IKODOT would handle all of the FOVs of the GX100, which is nice.

I've a GX-100 waiting in a shop for me and I'm also in the market for an OVF. What I'm wondering when I see the Ikodot, is whether it folds down or something to protect it. I'm planning to get a small belt pouch (Domke 945) and just throw the camera in there after use. Will the Ikodot wires be able to handle that ? It looks like a nice viewfinder, but I don't want to use gloves to handle it for fear of breaking it.

The Ikodot is quite rigid and well built. I have no problem to lift the camera using the Ikodot.

No, the Ikodot can not be folded. No I would not squeeze the Ikodot with the camera in a soft belt bag.
I for myself am looking for a small box suiting the Ikodot ...
I suggest to ask the manufacturer of Ikodot. So I will do.