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Olympus FL-36 and GRD/GX100?

Hi guys,

I'm just curious, does anyone use Olympus FL-36 flash with GRD/GX100? I know that it doesn't work with GX8, but what about GRD with TTL support or non-TTL GX100? Yes, it' not the smallest flash, but it's much smaller than anything else with swiveling head and compatible with today's cameras (in terms of voltage). So I think it looks as a great alternative? Believe me, bouncing flash is something you will really like! I've used sunpak 1600 with my old GX8 and the indoor shots with bounced flash was excellent!
I use a Metz 32 Z-2. It´s not small in volume, but it´s flat and not as high as usual flashes. You can also rotate it around to 180 degrees and tilt the front part up to 90 degrees (like in my avatar) and even a little bit down for macro. With Metz flashes, you can exchange the conector unit. Mine has a one-pin type shoe, but there are also some with TTL support. I don´t know, if there´s a connector, working with the GRD.
First, let's say that I am not an expert with flash, on the contrary. I don't use the FL-36 but I've tried it a few times. From this short experience, I'd say that you have to work in manual exposure cause if you try in A or in P mode, the cam doesn't seem to take the flash in account (in the exif, it says Flash Not Used) and you end up with speeds like 1/3 sec or even 1sec with dark subject. With the flash in AUTO mode and the GX100 in manual exposure, if you put the same aperture on cam and on flash, with bouncing, you get a pretty good exposure. And you can compensate by setting a smaller F on the flash to give more light or by setting a higher F to give less light. In direct flash, when the subject is near, it has a tendancy to overexpose. You can also work with the flash in manual mode (from full to 1/128) and with trials and errors. It may not be the biggest flash but it doubles the weight and it doesn't feel very confortable. But it surely can help with some shots.

The first shot is with direct flash and the second one with bouncing on the ceiling, both taken at ISO 100, F/4.1, 1/60 sec.


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