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I own and use several other cameras alongside my GRD 2.

Here is a picture of my 50 years old Agfa Clack, together with a GRD 2 and an Epson V500 scanner.


The Clack uses 120 or 220 film which produces 6x9cm negatives, huge compared to 35mm!

It used to belong to my dad so this Clack means something special to me.

Apart form this the Clack proves that a simple, pinhole-style camera can produce nice images.

I scan the developed films from the Clack at home on my Epson V500 scanner.

Here are three examples from the Clack.




There is a Flickr-group on the Agfa Clack and Click.
Very nice! I really like the second and third shot! Slightly unsharp in corners but great! One can clearly see it's film. The slight purple-violet tint seen on both photos can be simulated in silkypix ("Film V" and "Film K" filter) and it's currently my most favorite "film-like" effect ;)