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OK, we are just starting!

Hi folks!

After months spent at Dpreview Ricoh forum, I found this forum completely useless for long discussions. Many links and interesting topics are often buried under tons of other posts, people repeatedly asking the same questions because the "search" is not ideal. So, I've decided to create this forum dedicated mainly to Ricoh GRD and GX100 cameras, but of course, also the rest of Ricoh cameras can be discussed here. At the moment, there are not much useful information yet, but it's just a start. I hope we will soon fill it with various interesting information, tips and tricks and great photos! So let the discussion begin!

If you have any question regarding this forum, don't hesitate to contact me via PM or email or simply drop a reply here.

BTW, the forum is hosted on my not yet existing web ;) But I've already registered new domain, so the current address is only temporary solution until the new domain is up.

Pavel Kudrys
Forum domain is now changed and everything should be reconfigured, but from some strange reasons, it still redirects to the old subdomain. I'm trying to figure what's wrong, but as my knowledge of the whole web creation problematic is very weak (I started with all this domain and subdomain mess only today), I will have to find someone more knowledgeable ;) There may be some down-times as I will try to alter this or that setting, but I don't expect anything serious. So if you find this forum inaccessible for a while, don't worry! It will be back.. ;)
thx for doing what many ppl would have liked to if they had the know-how!.......i hope all is successfull,at dp i couldnt post any comments or add to the forums as i only have was all the ppl there esp Tom, Les,Prog and yourself pavel who convinced me to sell all my film gear n buy the i can thank u all for your advice and info! Thank you all!....regards...Mark