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(NOT BUG) Lost "Restore Defaults" option after FW 2.21

It seems that GRD lost the "Restore Defaults" (GRD manual p. 92) option after FW 2.21. This function shout reset the camera to its default state.

Status: Confirmed by users (reported to Ricoh)

Solution: NOT a bug! The "Restore Defaults" option is visible only in green (camera) mode.
Re: Lost "Restore Defaults" option after FW 2.21

Just got a reply from Ricoh regarding the missing "Restore Defaults" menu..

Ricoh Reply..
The "Restore Defaults" function is still available with firmware 2.31!

To get the feature please switch into the "auto" mode and press the "menu" OK button under SHTG STGS
last point you can find still the "Restore Defaults" function / setting.

Please, can anyone with GRD FW version 2.31 confirm that? So it's now available only in Auto mode?
Re: Lost "Restore Defaults" option after FW 2.21

I've upgraded my GRd to 2.30 (wary of the possibly troublesome v2.31, and I don't use Windows Vista) and Restore Defaults is indeed only present in Green mode menu, but not in P, A, or M settings menu.

Thanks for info Andy! So it seems it's there and all people who said it's missing were just confused? ;) Or maybe that function was previously available in all camera modes (up to FW 2.21) and then they "fixed" it to make this menu available only in Auto (camera) mode, as it's described in PDF manual?