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Newbie question filters


New Member
Hi ive recently got into photography and brought a Gr1v with 3 filters and the adaptor..But now wondering if i should of jumped straight to digital,with the added bonus of seeing where i go wrong instantly..

So i'm about to sell my Gr1v (mint ;-) ) but should i keep the filters,would they fit a Grd ,are they even used in digital photography??

Ok thks in advance


ps i posted in this thread,because its the GRd i'm looking at getting
Hi Aj and welcome on board!

As far as I know, the diameter of GR1v filters is 30.5mm. GRD needs 37mm filters (or higher via reduction). So I think you can freely sell your filters along with the camera ;) In addition, these color filters are mostly obsolete in a digital era. I believe that only filters still usable with digital cameras are IR, polarizing and maybe some gradient filters?
Some ND filters seem useful, for when you want to stretch the shutter speed but don't want a tiny aperture.
Hi thks for advice! I will sell the Grv and flters then decide what Grd i want of the two..Cheers aj