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[WTT] New Zeiss Distagon 18 ZM for GRD II++

Wanted to trade


New Member
I have a new chrome Zeiss 18mm Distagon, (only used a couple of times)
It is modified with original Zeiss 28/90 bayonet, and Milich coded for WATE
a original chrome Leica UV/IR 55 with 58-55 step-down (works perfectly)
I also have a original Leica 24mm viewfinder which is the perfect match
with this lens...

the reason for this, is that i rarely use wide angle at all, and think this excellent
lens is to good for my book shelf...

Almost everything is interesting... :)
(Looking for a Elmar Macro, 35/50 Lux, Elmar 65 for Viso...)

Also intrested in a Ricoh GRD II...

Please send me an email NOT pm: