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new SILKYPIX Early Preview - Ver3.0.16.1

Hi Odklizec,

I contacted Shortcut WRT download of software. Their response time was BRILLIANT. But, they only answered one question. Perhaps you can help with second question which maybe they consider to be too raw for anyone who is communicating via a PC to be answered. One PC, one downloand, once, -- OK that is fine. But, can you save the download to an external hard drive so that in the event of theft, lightning stike,power surge ( back EMF ), the hard drive dies a terrible death, you can then reinstall???...I think not. I think that the software download process is designed in such a way that a hand will jump out of the back of the PC and strangle you to death. The person who answered the email seemed to understand problem and indicated that they would show some understanding in this event. I know that this is not a photo issue but perhaps with your experience you will have the answer. The Silkypix software will only sit on 'C ' drive !! and nowhere else, is this true ???. Thanks, Chris.
Hi Chris,

Just got some answers from Shortcut guys. So here we go..

The license is locked per computer. So installing it on external HDD will no help you in any way. Once you unlock the Silkypix trial with your purchased code, the Silkypix will work only with computer where you unlocked it. However, there are also some good news!

If you computer crashed, its stolen, burned in fire or you just want to upgrade, they can reset your original activation. So you will be able to use it again on a new computer. They will just need some kind of proof (unspecified) that you no longer use your old computer.

And one more info. If you wish to use Silkypix simultaneously on two separate computers, you can buy another license code for just $29.00! OK, it's not free, but I think it's much better option than to purchase new serial for a full price? ;)
Odklizec, Thanks v. much for time and effort. Definately have clearer understanding now. Will have to get past my own new tech. fears and do download at 1am when sure that my wife is sleeping.