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New Ricoh GR3x owner


New Member
I had a Ricoh R8 and recently re-discovered it in my home. I charged up the battery and put an SD card in and started shooting. It was great to use it again.
Also I've been looking for a fixed lens camera as I walk every day and want more than my mobile to take images on.
The two cameras I was looking at were the Fuji X100V (I have the X100 and X100S) or the Ricoh GR3x. Because the shop didn't have a Fuji X100V in stock I bought the GR3x. I'm very happy that I did.
Up until Covid I was mostly a studio photographer, so have photographic experience.
That's it.
Hi Jodek,

Welcome to GRUF
I am currently on holiday. Singapore -> Bali -> Singapore and then back to Germany.

This time I took only 1 fullframe MLU with 2 lenses ( 16-28/2.8 and 60/2.0) and the Ricoh GR3 plus GR3x with me.

98% of my images so far are made with both GRs. There is almost never the need or desire for more. This is so fantastic and relaxing...

I will report more as soon as I am back end of August.