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new owner of GRD


New Member
Cant'say how happy and FREE I feel after purchasing my new Ricoh GRD.
Knowing all its "lesses" or "cons" (tiny sensor, fixed lens, no VF) I still know it had to be my camera.
I've not left it at home since I bought it, it is in my pocket or in my hands, and this allows me to take some pictures I'd never been able to with my (loved) Pentax istD.
GRD is the perfect "go everywhere with you" cam. Unobstrusive, light as feather, and giving an impression of sturdiness in spite of its size.
It has all the features a "technical obsessed" can wish and gives the impression of making one being able to get any type of picture. It's really a pleasure.
For me, the 28mm focal length is kind of a challenge and obliges me to look for the best angle of view....
I think the Ricoh guys have succeeded in making a little wonder.
Now let's wait for the "hypothetic" DP1....
magnolio :D :D :D
Welcome abroad to the Ricoh GRD/GX family.
It is indeed a pleasure to have this tiny little fellow
with you whenever you want it and wherever you want it.
Keep on shooting and share with us some of your images for our
viewing pleasure.
Hello, I too am a new owner, I've my GR-d for one week and I'm delighted with it. I came to Ricoh via the GX-8, my only other digital camera, and I find it is the perfect substitute for my favourite combination of M E super and 28mm lens. If only I could stop bringing it up to my eye. I'm too tight fisted to buy a view finder and I'm learning to use the screen or shoot from the hip with the screen off.
I've begun to assemble a slide show on Flickr under the same name (fishric) but I'm not sure how to put in a link.
Regards Richard F.
A simple way that I know off is to put the URL (web page address) here and when we click on the address
it will link to the page. There may be other ways which others may know off.
Cheers and welcome to the forum Richard!

I find shooting from the hip without using the screen exciting and
the method need some precision and a little bit of luck, don't you think so?
I find the bar disturbing as it is cutting right across the couples' heads.
There is something on the left of the lady's head.
Perhaps a different camera angle would have solved the problem.
Good attempt at the rendering in Sepia tone. Keep it up Richard.

:) :) :)
Fishric, never mind the railing through the heads, that's a great photo of Hastings pier (know it well). I like the texture and atmosphere. The other pic of Hastings pier on the slide show is even better.
Thankyou both for your comments. Most of the photo's in the slide show were taken the day after the camera arrived, I was at the bottom of the learning curve and that pic was a candid hipshot.
As for the pier we are all a bit concerned for it's survival at the moment, it needs a lot of work before it can be fully re-opened.
Here's another shot from that same early morning walk. I like the way the GRD works against the light.
Richard F.


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great pix!......I love the shot of the beggar outside of the old bank....tongue in cheek?, and the last one of the pier.....great lighting, i also like the shot of the old ppl on the bench the lighting is great and so is the exposure! n welcome!
I can smell the fish and chips now!......tummy rumbles........can u plz tell me what pp u did here..i really like this pic!.......shame the competition isnt "water" i think ud win!
Hmmm fresh fish &'s been a long time since I ate genuine UK fish&chips :( I think I need to visit the UK soon..
Nice shots fishric, the second one is my favorite, i like the "scale" contrast given by the standing backlit silhouette at the shore.