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New owner-firmware update problem


New Member
Hi everyone,
I juste got a GR1 in a store for a very good price since the GR2 is around.
I'm trying to understand how to update to the 2.40 firmware. I'm using a mac with os 10.5.1
I installed the capliomounterV5, i downloaded the firmware 2.40. This one comes with in a file called: GR DIGITAL Update.sit
From now i'm lost and i don't understand how to put that file into my camera.
If i drop the file directly into the /Volumes/ 's icon I get an unexpected error message : error code - 58

Please, can you help me out about what i'm doing wrong?


A .sit file is stuffit archive (similar to a zip file, only for Macs). You need to extract the files from it first, possibly just double-clicking it will open it, then you can drag the files to your hard disk. Inside you should find the firmware update and instructions for installing it. There should also be instructions on the Ricoh website where you got the download from.
Hello Hiro,
Thank you very much for your help. You were right, I had totally forgotten that .sit is a zip file..
I had downloaded stuffitexpander and it all worked fine !
Again, thanks for your help.