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"new Lightroom presets"

I was sent these presets and used them on PhotoLab so presumably you can put them to an older lightroom version too.

I tried them in lightroom and discovered the monochrome ones remove all options of the channel mixer. I'd not used lightroom for like a decade before. Is this normal?
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It looks like it was locked to the camera name, I manually changed them to RICOH GR IIIx and they appeared. Although they do look slightly different to the jpgs from the camera. I've attached them here incase anyone wants to try them with a GR IIIx.

I don't seem to have channel mixer in my version of Lightroom. I do have HSL/Color/B&W though. If I select a monochrome profile, these options stay the same. But if I change 'Treatment' from Color to Black & White. Then I only see B&W instead of HSL/Color. But it isn't dependant on the profile.


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