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New GRD2 - Photos


New Member
Noticed that all the forums tend to focus a lot on discussing the various technical aspects of the GRD2, so thought I'd share some quick photos :)

Some quick thoughts from the initial hour of use:
- Very solid body
- Rubber grip feels great
- Focusing is relatively fast
- Customisation of user interface is very good
- Sharp lens
- Very good WB
- Portable (fits into my pocket so it goes where I go so I always have a chance to shoot a nice shot!)
- Excellent Macro ability even though its at 28mm
- Flash seems usable
- Silent shutter (very silent!)

- Lower light tends to introduce some noise into the photos, even at lower ISO
- Tendency to go really close with the 1.5cm macro (gotta be careful not to poke the lens into something!)
- Pricey (if it were 150 cheaper I would recommend it even to beginners to the hobby)
- Snap Focus guide scale could be bigger
- A little noisy when u first start the camera up and when tracking (bear in mind I'm more sensitive to this than most)

Anyways that's enough of initial thoughs, some photos here and more to come in the near future! ... 437403254/
Thanks for your comments and images! I like the BW and 1:1 mirror shot. Thanks for sharing! ;)

BTW, do you shot RAW or just JPEG?
Well I prefer to shoot RAW since it matches the workflow on my SLR. However I can't work fast enough with the free version of Silkypix right now (not a very good interface imo)

All the images were developed using Silkypix free (except the first shot of the bag), minimal post processing beyond exposure and a little sharpening. I'll need to experiment more with the camera settings to get the final look I want in my images :)