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New GR Owner - Software Issues


New Member

So I just got my GR Digital. It did not come with the install disk. I went onto the site and downloaded the RicohGate LA software and the firmware update.

I install the ricoh software no problem. The problem I am having is that the Ricoh software does not recognize the camera. Without this, I can not do the firmware update.

My computer recognizes the camera as a mass storage device. This allows for seamless copying using Microsoft Photo Premier.

Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a driver out there I need?

Thanks for the help...I love this camera.


First, congratulations to your purchase.
To use the Ricoh software go to the SETUP on page 3 and set USB CONNECTION to Original, this will make sure the GRD is detected by the software.
Jared, you don't need the Ricoh SW to do FW upgrade! There is an alternative way to update your camera. It only requires a card reader ;)
Just download the firmware file gr-240.exe and extract it somewhere on HDD.
Now go to the folder where you unpacked the firmware and find the file qrflect3 and qrflect7.
Copy both files to a SD card (directly in card root).
Insert the card to camera and follow the alternative steps at Ricoh site (from step 4): ... in.html#04