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new FW ver. 1.18!

New FW for GX100 ver. 1.18 is available on Ricoh Japan web! It should be soon available also on global site.

At the moment, here is the Ricoh Japan link:

Corrected problems (translated from Japanese via google..sorry for mistakes):
Fixed incorrect exposure suggested by FN button in Manual mode (with FN button set to AE lock, shutter speed lower than 1/30 and AutoHi ISO)
Improved Flash performance
Corrected N640 JPEG recorded with 3:2 RAW

Sorry to disappoint you guys, no new features. It more or less confirms my guess that all future GX100 firmwares will only correct bugs and maybe slightly improve some existing features. We can see new added features only in GRD line.
English version now available on Global site:

What's fixed:
1. Modified the following phenomenon.
With the M mode (manual exposure mode), even if you press the Fn button (to set closer to the appropriate exposure automatically), it will not set closer to the appropriate exposure with the following conditions;
• Fn button assignment : AE lock
• ISO sensitivity setting : AUTO-HI
• Shutter speed to be an appropriate exposure : 1/30 or slower
2. Improved the flash control in a dark place.
3. Make a change to a JPEG file that created with a RAW format file to add black borders to the top and bottom of the JPEG image, in case that you set the [RAW/JPEG setting] to [N640], and the [Pic Quality/Size] setting to [RAW 3:2] at the same time.

Direct link (WIN): ... 00-118.exe

Direct link (MAC): ... 00-118.hqx
Hello everyone.

Aren't Ricohs the best, free firmware, just love it.

So, I updated my Gx100 last night and had the same issue, when updating my GrdII.

This is a post for all Macusers, I posted it before on the GRDII page, but can help those out who are having trouble getting the firmware to load.

"It seems there was a little something lost in the translation of the instructions.

Heres the fix I came up with. Open the disk image, on the desktop, DELETE any and all folders from with in the image. Now drop the 2 downloaded updater files into the bare disk image, eject however you wish via trash or not does not matter. Now you have the updater files in a way the camera can read them, do the key combos to install software on camera and all is well."

Hi !

After the update :

-Is the minimal speed in A mode with flash increased or is it still 1/30 ?

-The flash exposure is it better ?

Shutter speed is the same. But people says the Flash performance is much better now? It's definitely worth to install.

My main problem is that i got the underwater version(Sea&Sea) and if I upgrade with gx100 firmwaret he warranty will be voided !

So I'll wait for a GREAT improvment ...if it comes...
I haven't been able to update despite following the instructions. Always had the update failure message. : (
Hi Pirate and welcome here!

You mean that the camera starts updating, but then the process fails? What error exactly you got? If it just doesn't start, then make sure you have both slaunch3 and slaunch7 files in the card root. If you open the card drive in explorer or total commander, you should see this structure:

[DCIM] - this is a folder where sits your photos
slaunch3 - this and below file are the files required for update

BTW, try use the card reader to transfer these FW files onto the card. The supplied "RICOH Gate La" is..well..let's say the direct transfer of unpacked fw files (using the card reader) is much more convenient way.