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Need for class 6 SDHC card for GRDII?


New Member
Hello, I have just bought the new GRDII and would like to pair it with the fastest 8GB SDHC card available on the market (i.e. fastest RAW write time). For example, does SanDisk Extreme III SDHC 8GB (class 6) write RAW-files in GRDII faster than SanDisk Ultra II SDHC 8GB (class 4)? In other words; has GRDII the capacity to make use of the better speed of the class 6 card Extreme III, or will it just be a waste of money to buy a class 6 card?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.

Best regards from Sweden,
Hello Gunnar and welcome here!

It's definitely a good idea to get class 6 card. If you check the sticked post called "GRDII writing speed" you will clearly see that the class 6 cards perform best. You can check also the similar post in gx100 forum. Both grdii and gx100 are sdhc compatible but grdii is clearly faster with the same cards. And if you are about to use raw, sandisk extreme III or panasonic sdhc6 is currently the best (known) choice.

(just testing iPod touch and this post is written on its tiny virtual keyboard..interesting experience! ;) )
Thanks for the quick reply, odklizec! Which one of the SanDisk Extreme III and Panasonic sdhc6 would you recommend for the GRDII? Is there any difference in RAW write speed?
I have just received my GR Digital II and Panasonic Class 6 SDHC card of 8Gb: the battery is still charging. I'll do some test tomorrow and will post the results in the thread about the write speeds of various cards. My camera came with FW 1.11 so I'll update the FW first to version 1.12

With my former GR Digital the Panasonic ones were always top class. I prefer them to the Sandisk ones and hope the speed figures agree with me (not sure however) :)