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My mildly 'customised' Ricoh GRD 2 (Pics)


New Member
Here are a few snaps of my new Ricoh GRD 2 (Which is a replacement for my D-Lux 3). I have had a bit of inspiration from some people on the Leica forum, and disguised it slightly with some black tape. Mainly because I aim to use it as in London for street photo's, and already had some unwanted attention on the tube while trying to take some shots. The front piece of tape is purely to diguise the 'Ricoh GRD' logo-I actually think it looks cooler in black, and I also stuck a tiny piece over the power button as there is a very bright green LED which draws attention to the camera when it is on also! Last but not least is the LCD protector-a DICAIN one from sweden (recommended by people on here-thanks). It's 0.5mm thick hard plastic and is an excellent buy to pretect the camera whilst in the pocket-only £16 too Anyway here 'she' is!! :cool:



Funny, I've done exactly the same thing with mine, except I also put some tape over the popup flash, as it feels a bit flimsy and I don't tend to use the flash.

Electrical tape is a great thing :)
Great minds think alike huh? ;) Yes well it also helps to protect as well as conceal. Looks very stealth without the writing. Unfortunately we don't live in Japan so can't get the official cutomisation kit! :|
Hey, guys;
you can remove the tape bit on the power button now. Led can be turned off with the new 2.00 firmware.
Thanks Lewis for sharing this customization. Which Dicain protector is adapted to the GRD II LCD (2.5 or 3.0 ")? And where can one find it (in Europe)?
Is it easy to remove it from the LCD without any damage or glue tracks or whatever trouble?