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My GRD II is in transit...


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After some disappointing orders with Adorama I followed the recommendation of Sean Reid of Reidreviews he have the most comprehensive and best "real life" reviews and I highly recommended his excellent but not free site. Based on his review of the the GX100 and GRD which included the use of Voigtlander external viewfinders I ordered my GX100 from Tony Rose at Popflash - later when they announced GRDII pre-bookings, I booked mine at $699 with an expected shipping date of November 26th - this morning (Nov. 21st) I got the great news that my GRDII has been shipped. I don't really want to advertise here, but just a friendly recommendation for others desperately waiting Ricoh GDRII ....

Attached picture is taken with my GX100, convert to 1:1 from RAW in Lightroom


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