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My first product shot


New Member
Tried my hands on a product shot today for the first time. It's going to be published in a magazine but will be rather small so they let me have a go at it. A little sad that I haven't learned to work in raw yet as I think it turned out okey and now I only have jpeg churned through Photoshop as original. But, you got to start somewhere I guess :)

And the thing is a phone by a Swedish company called Neonode (


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Thanks guys! But I can tell you it was everything BUT professional. I taped a white paper to the lower part of my computer screen so it arced down on to the desk. No flash or lights, just a window close by. Handheld. JPEG. Do I need to go on? ;) :D
I've heard of people building a "professional photo studio" from a white plastic laundry basket from IKEA and two 500 W lamps from Clas Olsson. The basket is placed horizontal and forms a cube with one open side, and the lamps are directed towards the outside of the white plastic, which turns the inside to a very evenly lit environment without any point lights causing "dots" on the subject matter. Manual white balance is necessary though. I think I have a picture of a sample arrangement somewhere, but I can't find it now.

I haven't tried this myself. 1000 W of lamps are sure to generate a lot of heat...