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mountain climbing with GR1

Pavel, what a coincidence! This is the exact site where I have met Ricoh cameras! I have this passion about mountain trekking and climbing, so it was very easy to spot this guy, but I couldn't imagine how he would be so important in my life. I mean, really, considering all the good things that happened to me because of photography, especially after my digital option ;-)

Man, I didn't imagine he was working with the digital line of Ricoh, how couldn't I?
It was with many mountanieers in mind that I started this thread, viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4958&p=22996#p22996 - to my surpise an actual mountaineer samot1234 replied so I felt I was on to something, its just a general feeling reading around the web that the GR1 was/is popular with some of these mountanieering guys.

This page here - ... 35#msg6535
has some good technical info on the GR1, and some interesting sample images - the BW of the Porsche (I think) is excellent. Love the image of "Moriyami and Araki in Shinjuku", a real pair of characters :D