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Missed sunset sooc jpeg gr3x.


New Member
I was a bit late..snap priority mode jpeg sooc.
I use snap for everything. Do you think autofocus brings better results?
That depends on the situation. AF with such a dark image without any contrast is definitely a challenge.

But in normal light conditions I always use AF and never had problems. Even in low light it works, if you concentrate on what you are focusing on and have single spot AF (I always use that).
I generally keep it on snap priority all the time & use the front wheel (Gr3x) to spin through the distances..I've only 3 dof settings to worry about then & generally keep it on 2.
I would have thought AF uses more battery too? Having said all that, it does revert to AF if in macro mode which I use a fair bit.
Snap focus priority would be great for me but I don’t understand why in DOF1 at focusing closest eg. 1 m it goes for Aperture 16, adding very high ISO. As though it couldn’t go down on aperture with a smaller DOF. I’m using GRIIIX too. Very interested in your thoughts on snap focus priority.
I noticed that the other day, it stayed on f16 regardless of setting 1,2 or 3.
I think it's trying to keep the dof similar to if you had more distance?
It's a good fast simple setting, perfect on the street, but otherwise a bit limiting with a max of 3 apertures if the light isn't great.
I'm going to test out program mode with tracking Af next..limit of Iso 800.
One reason snap priority has worked well for me so far is that we have so much light during the summer up here in Finland.
Now it's starting to get darker I'm going to need to open up more & slow down..maybe experiment with some blur.
I tried a couple of shots at Iso800, these are sooc jpegs.
First is. f/3.2 1/8 sec
  • 26.0 mm
  • ƒ/2.8
  • 1.6 sec
  • Center-Weighted Average
  • Manual exposure
  • -4
  • ISO 800

The last is f/2.8 1.5sec handheld.
Tracking Af was having fun.
However, It managed & it won't need to take darker shots than that.