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MicroSync + GRD: the definitive fix


New Member
This is how I got my GRD2 to work with the MicroSync radio flash slave trigger. Got some transparent nail varnish, (I used Sally Hansen "Hard as Nails" Iron & Epoxy formula) and gave the MicroSync transmitter metal base several layers (everything but the central contact).


This way the smaller three Sigma dedicated flash contacts on the GRD hot shoe wont come into contact with one another and stop the camera from syncing.

And here is a little homage to Brandt and Man Ray... and proof of what can be done with the Micro Sync and a Ricoh GRD2, camera set at F5.6, 1/60, ISO 80. The MicroSync was about 1.5 mt. to the side, connected to a Canon 580EX through a Wein HSH adapter.