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Memory Problems


New Member
Purchased new GX100 10 days ago, now every time I switch it on the date has reverted to set up mode IE: 2007/01/01 after reseting, date information is lost on switch off, any suggestions?
This shouldn't happen if you keep the main battery in camera and the battery has enough remaining power to keep the internal camera clock running. Are the other settings are preserved or they are lost as well?

There is also second battery in the camera, which should keep the camera settings and clock, even after removing (or complete discharge) the main battery. It takes some time to fully charge this second (backup) battery. But when it's fully charged, it should keep the camera settings if the main battery is removed (at least one week according of the GX100 manual).

So at first, try fully charge the battery and when it's fully loaded, insert it into the camera, set the date and leave it as is for a while. Then try turn it OFF-ON.
If it does not help, I would suggest you to check the camera Error list and if there are some error, try the Master Reset.

Here is how to check the Error List:

And here Master Reset:

Hope this helps.
Thanks again for information Odklizec, after fully charging battery and leaving camera switched on for a couple of hours also resetting, problem still exists,I am returning to supplier for repair today. This is unfortunate with a 10 day old camera!
Do you have a card on the camera or are you using internal memory?
Same thing happened to me. Was OK as soon as I got an SD card on the camera.
Thanks for comment joao731, yes I did have a card in the camera it has now gone back to supplier who have agreed to send me a complete new outfit after all I had only had it for 10 days and for the first 8 days it was fine!
Thank you for your answers, the supplier of my camera Purelygadgets an Amazon Market Place dealer has agreed that the camera was faulty and has sent a brand new replacement which is working perfectly, it also has the latest firmware 1.6 installed. I am very pleased although it did take a month to to sort out.
have had gx100 since May 07. Few weeks ago camera started to open in calender requiring reset. Was too busy documenting constrution sites (i'm an architect) to figure it out at time. Problem has not gone away. Worried that I may now need to send back to Adorama in NYC to service. Anyone else having same problem. Is the only solution to have adorama replace camera. It has not been more than a yr. should still be under warrentee. :?: thx
Hi 3rduncle and welcome here! What error message you getting (exactly)? Or it just start in time/date setting and you need to reset the date/time each time you start the camera? In that case it's most probably the internal battery, which keeps the camera clock running when the camera is OFF or without the main battery.
As you purchased in May 07 I would certainly return to supplier, my GX100 had this problem after only a few days of ownership, it could well have been the internal battery but this would have to be replaced by a service department it did take over a month to get a replacement but the supplier did agree that this was approprate rather than a repair, I have had the new camera now since last August and so far it is OK. Best of luck.
thanks for the response.
it seems to only be the date that needs to be reset each time I open camera. how does one access the internal battery?

I will contact the retailer, Adorama in NY and get them to look at it. I am new to the online forums and blogs etc. now that I have access to so many other's expereiences it seems that there are a lot of problems with this camera. Is this common to other mftrs or does it seem to anyone else that this camera has a lot of glitches?
The internal battery is not accessible without disassembling the camera so I'm afraid, you will have to contact your seller or nearest Ricoh service. Usually, these internal batteries last few years until they need to be replaced. But you's just another part of electronic, which can be broken. I don't think the Ricoh cameras are more buggy than others. You can read about many problems with canon, nikon or sony cameras, There was even a serious problem reported with $5500 worth Leica M8. So don't worry. Problems are not brand specific ;)