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May & Love ---


New Member
--- for all lovers on the forum this is Buchneria simplex -- used in traditional Zulu medicine as a love charm emetic. The theory being that ' love ' can and often does come with a considerable amount of pain -- the emetic being used to rid oneself of the pain aspect.


  • Buchneria simplex-GX100S.jpg
    Buchneria simplex-GX100S.jpg
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Lovely picture, nice "bokeh" effect.

I remember love (just). If it works they should bottle it and market it! :D
Thanks for encouraging comments, guys :) . This "pp" or raw converter process is interesting and challenging for a newbe like myself and certainly adds considerable depth to the digital photographic experience - harsh light conditions are the main challenge here in the Southern hemisphere, I think - but 'hope springs eternal' - that probably applies to love as well. By the way this flowers petals are only 4 to 6mm in length & breadth