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May 08 - theme "LOVE"

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Thanks all who participated in the APRIL contest! As always, there were many great contributions! OK, not SO many contributions. But it was really hard contest theme so all contribution are highly appreciated ;) Let's start with MAY contest!

May is known and widely celebrated as the month of love. Feel free to post any "love" moments you made with your Ricohs. I belive this should be a bit easier theme for May? Good luck everyone!

You may post one photo right in reply to this post. Please, do not link them from other sites! Use the "Upload Attachment" instead.
Contest photo must be taken with Ricoh digital camera (whichever you use)!
The max size of the photo is limited to 1024x768 and the file must contain EXIF! Please guys, make sure your photo contains EXIF! Entries without EXIF will be disqualified!

The deadline for posting contest photos is 31.5.2008 at 12PM forum time

Here you can learn how to upload the photos right in forum post...

The first place (chosen by forumers via contest poll early next month) will be awarded by software license according of winner's choice. For this month, we can provide these programs (kindly provided by Mediachance) - Dynamic Photo HDR, PhotoBrush, DCE AutoEnhance, Pure Image NR.
And newly also license of SILKYPIX Developer Studio!
Candid taken in Morecambe UK
Ricoh GR-1s, Ilford XP2 film, Minolta Dimage II scanner, VueScan software, Adobe PhotoShop, Apple iMac G5.


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dbendo":2f93yiun said:
Please guys, make sure your photo contains EXIF! whatis EXIF d benedict
Exif is an abbreviation for "Exchangeable Image File". It's written both in JPEG or RAW files taken with your camera and it contains all information about camera, actual camera settings used at a time of taking a photo. However, many photo editors removes these EXIF data from edited photos. So it's important to check if your photo contains exif or not. Any image viewer can show you EXIF, usually via image Properties.
Just thought I'd add something that symbolizes so many variations of love : ) Shot with a GRD2


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