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March 08 - theme "MUSIC"

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Thanks all who participated in the February contest! Many nice contributions! Let's start MARCH contest!

Theme for this early spring month is MUSIC. It can be anything from photo of the musical instrument, photo from concert or just capture of the music notation. It's probably a bit hard theme, but I'm sure, you will do it right! ;) Good luck everyone!

You may post one photo right in reply to this post. Please, do not link them from other sites! Use the "Upload Attachment" instead.
Contest photo must be taken with Ricoh digital camera (whichever you use)!
The max size of the photo is limited to 1024x768 and the file must contain EXIF! Please guys, make sure your photo contains EXIF! Entries without EXIF will be disqualified!
The deadline for posting contest photos is 31.3.2008 at 12PM forum time

Here you can learn how to upload the photos right in forum post...

The first place (chosen by forumers via contest poll early next month) will be awarded by software license according of winner's choice. For this month, we can provide these programs (kindly provided by Mediachance) - Dynamic Photo HDR, PhotoBrush, DCE AutoEnhance, Pure Image NR.
And newly also license of SILKYPIX Developer Studio!
i'm going to ask a silly question.
is this for digital only? i guess photos taken with gr1s wouldn't be legit?

This is a hard question. Opening contests for film cameras has one side effect. I would have to skip the rule of required EXIF. And then I can open this contest for any camera, not only Ricoh ;) I think I will rather start an "Open" contest for any film/digital camera.
odklizec":23fklp8y said:
I think I will rather start an "Open" contest for any film/digital camera.
I think it would be a great option, but it will require stronger judgement for Open category.
radioactive sago band- manila


  • radioactive sago.jpg
    radioactive sago.jpg
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Not really Live Music, but my listening corner at home.

I like to listen to good music (mostly Seventies and Eighties pop/rock). Makes a perfect combination with a glass of nice whiskey :)


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GX100, The local college had a mini free Irish music fest. The picture was slightly cropped and resized in PaintShopPro.


  • 2008_3_10.JPG
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I feel kind of bad for losing on originality here, but I swear I haven't watched this thread since early March and didn't see Grus74's shot of the SAME concert until now. Sure, different town, this one in Malmö three days ago, but same band, same song, same massive stage show.


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