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Making of


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some of my friends were shooting a short film:








here are the other photos, if somebody is interested :)
#5 and #6 are very nice

In #6 the eye follows the leg like a track to finally find the face... very clever.
The framing of #5 is very efficient as a mix between a portrait and an indoor scene. Actually it could work with a landscape too... Next time I shoot someone in his/her environment, working place or other, I will try to remember this... Also next time asks me to shoot him/her in front of some monument :-D
Nice set of documentary photos! This one is my clear favorite:

BTW, can you provide us with more details about the film? Something artistic?
odklizec":oa0zd7wb said:
BTW, can you provide us with more details about the film? Something artistic?

yep, the title of the movie is Circus Insomnia, and the synopsis is something like that:
the main character of our movie is Mark, who works as a dtp operator at his uncle's business. he suffers from insomnia since some years. on a lonely night he mets a girl who says, she can help him.
several days later she brings him to a company called circus insomnia. the members of the company are average people, who escape from their gray everydays to the world of the "awaken dreaming". nightly they make up their missing dreams with circus-like games.
Mark finds his dreamland he thought was lost and for the first time since years falls into a deep sleep...

sorry about my english :oops: