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lucy...she's watching you!


New Member
a tight crop, contrast and brightness adjusted, what do you think?


  • she'swatchingyou.jpg
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The white spot on the left lower portion is disturbing me.
Lucy is in lazy mood and is suggesting that you don't disturb
her while she wants a nap. The eye is the window to her soul
isn't it?
Thx for your comment Forward.....I did'nt even notice the white spot and now that you mentioned it it is disturbing me too! for a lazy mood and wanting to nap....this is all that she does as she is 16 years old and dos'nt like a camera pointed at her!...and old friend once told me that cats dont like cameras as they think the lens is like a big eye looking at them....i think that they just dont like to see thier own reflection, whenever we pick her up in front of a mirror she turns away from it!