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Long exposures


New Member
Hey all,

I'ev just got my GRD a few days back and have been familiarising myself with it - the one thing that's caught me out so far is that long exposures seem to be not the easiest thing to do! By this I'm referring to exposures of anything more than 2s really. The two issues I have are that in manual mode the exposure meter seems to have no bearing on what exposures are actually required e.g. suggesting a 2s exposure when a 15s exposure would be more correct. Secondly for 15s exposures and greater the camera seems to spend upwards of 30 seconds processing the image prior to writing. AFAICT from the manual this is a result of an anti-noise algorithm in the camera but is less than ideal. Can this be disabled?


No, you can not deactivate this but this is actually quite good as you'd have some hot pixels otherwise that you would have to remove in PP.