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Live Music at Tintin's


New Member
I dislike the effects of flash and avoid using it whenever I can. The effect of ISO 1600 and mixed lighting makes me think of the old Dutch masters. (I'm talking about the tones, not my artistic ability.)
Richard F.


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The spots appear in some images I have posted here as well, not sure why :(

Oh, I like that shot very much :)
I like this photo for its colors and composition! Nice non-flash capture ;)

BTW, white spots? I don't see any white spots? What internet browser do you use? Do you see these "white spots" on fully enlarged photo or just during the "transition" process?
The white spots only appear in the pure black areas when enlarged, not on the large flikr version.
I'll try another photo taken outside Tintin's at the same time and the same settings, taken from the flickr site, medium sized. This has plenty of black.
Maybe enlarging a file that has been down previously down-sized is causing this effect.
See Below.
Richard F.

(Edit) Yes they are still there.


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I see them too :(
Not on all pics, just some and then onmly in the black
I see them on my office and home PC's, both use IE 6
When I get home I will try viewing these in Opera as well
they do not appear in Opera at all!
Yet another reason for alternate browsers!