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Yes, this is normal (not nice, but normal GX100 bahavior). I saw this mentioned in some Chinese GX100 reviews. I would suggest you not to use that high F values and try also reduce the in-camera sharpening. This may help a bit. The problem with small sensor cameras is that their best F values are between f2 and F5.6. Anything over F5.6 usually distort the images, because of the lens (aperture) diffraction. Unlike the DSLR, where you can freely use F values up to F16 and without risking the image distortion, you have to be very careful about using high F values with small sensor cameras.

On the other hand, I don't think these light circles are caused by a lens diffraction, but one may never know ;) It seems to me it's rather a problem of too high pixel density on small sensor and the in-camera postprocessing. Did you try to take the same photo in RAW and process it manually?

BTW, welcome here! It's nice to see someone from Slovakia here! (jinak ja jsem taky Slovak, i kdyz to tak asi nevypada :D )
such behaviors, you will find on a GX100. This is why I say all the time that when a future can not be used as it has to be (in this case the high aperture) they do not have to use it or allow it. Now, the way they do is making photography more complex than it was 30 years ago when I was using per example a Bronica or other film camera. I tought that it had to become easier. And do not tell me that you can use it in some situations and that this is the reason why they aloow it. This I would call a very simple way of thinking. Same with the high Iso you can use, but is worthless in all situations!!!