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Lifestyle around the world


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What is this cow doing in a modern shopping complex?
The hardknock of advertising does see its day to the good design
of the surroundings of the interior. What do you think?


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I think it's the cow from a worldwide art&charity event? Cows like this are installed in the cities all over the world and they are auctioned for charity purposes at the end of each event. See this page..

While I don't understand this kind of art, I agree with similar events if they are for good reason ;)
we had this in London some years ago.....a lot of money was raised for charity.....also while i was in singapore they had the same....but with lions.....i saw one covered in stingray skin! looked good and felt nice but i couldnt understand why these great fish where killed for art! (like photography) is not always seen in the same way as the artist see's his art, but sometimes art is amazing and is totaly thought provoking
One of the best invention created by man is the bicycle.
It is indeed more encouraging to find man keep on going to
make things better and better even for just a simple two wheeler machine
which he uses for transportation as well as for his leisure.


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Inner beauty and comfort is just as important as the outer counter part.
Is it a choice for us to discover or re-discover it?


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