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lemon tart


New Member
its not Macro, a flower or an animal but i don't know where else to post this!

this is what i do for a living (making, not eating!)......what do you guys do?, post a picture in this thread.....M
Looks very refreshing and yummy Mark! Great presentation too! I'm not a big fan of lemon deserts. But this one looks definitely great! Well done! I really hope to taste any of your deserts!

BTW, I just renamed the Non-Ricoh gallery to "Open Gallery". Here can be posted any photo without clearly defined category or subject, made with Ricoh as well as non-Ricoh cameras. But maybe I should create a special "food" category just for you and other food lovers like me? :D
do you like chocolate?.......


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Oh yes, I like chocolate! ;) My current favorite is the dark 70% Lindt. But I like it also in baked form. From time to time, me and my girlfriend made a typical English chocolate brownie. It's probably not as good as brownie from Borough market but it's very close! ;) And my clear winner is the chocolate with chili! People are usually scared about this "strange" combination, but it's really great! Hm..and now I have to dry my mouth and find something chocolate to eat :D
Nice shots, but they look slightly underexposed. Don't forget to expose a little longer (maybe 1EV?) when the subject is very bright.
thx for the comment....there is a terrible mix of incadessant and flouresent light at work...all my pix come out with either a blue or green tint....sometimes it is stronger than others with no rhyme or reason...even if i shoot raw i have problems getting the images to look good......the colours can come out really terrible.

basicly i adjust the brightness and contrast and play with the green and blue untill i find a pic im happy with...though i know they are not perfect.

i usually have my cam on -.3 you think i should adjust this?....what to?...thx M
Try +0.3 if the above images where taken with -0.3.

The camera exposes for a so called neutral (18(?)%) gray (check: Graycard). If the subject is mainly black, the camera over-exposes so that the subject turns out grey (because the electronic "thinks" that there is very little light because of the black subjeckt, not knowing that it's black)

With white subjects it's the other way round. The camera measurs a lot of light, exposes for grey and white subjects turn out gray because they are under-exposed.
please show us the results. espacially for "food-fotography" a proper exposed white plate is not so easy I think!
hey -mm-!...thanks for the as you can see the results are much better....i shot these with exactly the same settings only i bracketed them and this is the best!...+.3ev works best!....and a little tweak with the rgb ans brightness and contrast to my taste...excuse the pun!.....hope to post more soon...M


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Yes, they are definitely better! The problem with underexposed shots can happen always with so much white as in your photos. It's the same as if shooting snow, where the exposure compensation must be raised to +0.3 or even +0.7EV. Digital cameras are by default calibrated to 18% gray. Hence the underexposed shots with large amount of white. But one must be very careful about increasing EV compensation, because you can easily overexpose the shot and irreparably burn the highlights. So in my opinion, it's better to keep the EV lower even at a cost of slightly underexposed shots and then fix the exposure in editor. It may increase the noise, but better noise than lost highlights? ;)
i agree pavel....if you look at the rim of the plate you can still see the subtle pattern that it has around the +.3 is the way to go for my pix at work....these settings have been saved into My2.

thx for your comments much happier with the results now! M