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LCD problem at M mode


New Member
Myself, as well as a group of friends, has bought a set of the Subject recently. We then tested it but the result is very disappointing.

We found out that there is one fatal feature of the camera which made photography very difficult, on many occasions almost impossible. It happened when we are using manual mode and rely flash as the light source. We then noticed the brightness of the LCD has been designed as a kind of light metering at the aforesaid setting. That is, it will become much dimmer at “under exposure” setting. On many occasions, it is so dim that we cannot even see the subject and do any composition. We have used other cameras at similar setting but no such problem is encountered, the metering will be notified in the form of nos instead of LCD brightness.

Said, you may agree with me that this is a serious issue and I hope your good company can provide a solution in the very soon future. Our opinion is that the LCD brightness should always be maintained on a normal level and the metering will only noticed in other form.
I mentioned this problem also a few weeks (or months) ago in the dpreview forum. As I often use the M-Mode it's really nerving, that the display changes it's brightness with different exposure setting. A possible reason for this could be that the live histogram uses the displayed picture for generating the histogram curve, but I doubt that.
I found out that if you point the camera in M mode on a dark subject and have an underexposed setting, the display will get brighter very slowly.

But I agree with you, that the darkening is not a logical feature. The exposure indicator bar works very well and I think, nobody who uses the M mode needs a live "exposured preview" of the scene. Especially with an external flash it's absolutely senseless as you can use the flash with up to 1/2000 s shutter speed.

Edit: I just realized, this thread is in GX100 forum. I use a GRD, but the problem is the same :|