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kostnice ossuary, sedlec, czech republic


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bone church in a suburb of kutna hora, 40,00 bones used as decoration. from my visit to prague and area last oct/nov 07. taken with my gx100


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Great images, this is the first time I have heard of this place! I have a series of images from the killing fields memorial stupa at Choeung Ek, Cambodia, unfortunately not taken on a Ricoh. Powerful stuff.

Creepy place right? I was there as a 9-10 year old boy and it was a somewhat scary experience ;) Thanks for bringing the memories back!

BTW, all these people (there are remains of about 80.000 people) died at the time of black death disease in the middle age.
hi pcheywood, are your cambodia pictures on a website somewhere? you know there is a section here for "non" ricoh pictures :) would love to see them.

and odklizec, not sure if i'd want to see something like this as young boy, i'm sure i'd have nightmares. but must it be interesting to see them again as an adult! it certainly was an unique experience!

I'll get round to resizing and posting some pictures into the non Ricoh section later today (after the football). I have nothing decent enough from my GX100 yet, as I'm still practising after my move from DSLRs .