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How often do you use your GW-1 ?


New Member
In one of my photo-bags, I 'found' the GW-1 wide-angle convertor. Except for a try-out, I have never used it actually. The camera gets too bulky IMO and I do not like the extra 'volume' to carry around. Do not get me wrong, I love the extra degrees of view, but I seem to be very lazy.

Héh, an GX100 is the perfect solution for this, but stop, I had one of those already and I was too lazy to get the cap off so I bought another GRD (and now GRD II)

I wonder how 'fanatic' YOU are and if you do cary the 'extra weight' with you.
Or are you as lazy as I am? :mrgreen:
I think, outdoors it doesn´t matter a lot wether you´re shooting 28mm or 21mm, but for indoor shoots like in a train or in small rooms (parties etc.) it´s good to have the option of a wider lens. In such situations, you don´t have to carry the camera around a lot. When I´m on travel, the GW-1 is not as bulky to not take it with me in my backpack. I think, I use it in 10% of the shots.