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hot air balloons


I'm not sure hot air ballooning is a sport, but I certainly got some action when I saw these pass by my office window.


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I love them... The first two, especially, have exactly the kind of painting-like rendering that I am trying to get. Pity for the distorsion on #1, but you can remove it in Photoshop. What did you shoot with?
Thanks Alfi.

I have a R6. Picture #1 was shot with 28mm in a low angle, and I adjusted the perspective in pp, which I suspect amplified the distortion. I use Gimp for pp, and I don't think it has any tools that can correct such distortion. It unfortunately does make the picture look a bit strange.

About the painting-like rendering, it was not any deliberate action of mine, but anyway, here's what I did to the first two pictures: The light in all of them was very, very warm, so I added a layer where I used auto levels in Gimp, that sets a new blackpoint and whitepoint. This made the pictures too cold, because there was a very warm light when I shot them. So I backed out a little with the opacity on the layer. What I found then was I wanted the warm light on the trees and buildings, but the colder light in the sky. So I added a mask to the cold layer and drew a gradient in it. For pic #1 I cut out the inside of the window, so I "cooled" the sky, and the gradient starts somewhere below the balloon and ends in the upper parts of the buildings, I think. For pic #2 I just drew the gradient somewhere in the lower middle part, so the top is cool, the bottom is warm, and there's a gradient transition in between, a little tilted, aligned with the lines of the houses. Perhaps this artificial increase in temperature range is creating the painting-like feeling?
Nice job you did with colors. I do enjoy the painting-like rendering actually. For me it doesn't mean that it looks artificial, it just means a lot of color and no violent contrast. Keep up the good work !