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Homage to Stephen Shore and the "New Color"


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Lucas and Maple Streets
Nice colors and composition Lili! I would definitely try cut off the bottom part with car hood and clone out the stamp in left bottom corner. Then it will be perfect and completely like a place from Stephen Shore's American Surfaces! ;) Well done!
It's almost it! Hope you will not mind, I tried to cut only the hood and clone-out the stamp. So it's not so wide now and there is enough room (in bottom part of the photo) for the diagonal shadows. It looks more balanced to me? But anyway, every version is nice because of subject, colors and composition ;)


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Is ok, I am just learning PP using Photoshop, so cloning is as yet beyond me.
You did well :)
In my updated version I ought to have cropped both the sky and foreground, then we'd have a pseudo Linhof Panorama look ;)
Thank you also for the compliments :)