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Hilight . GX100

Yes, bjorn's blown highlights are really great!
I would say that there are too people fixed on the "problems" instead of taking photos! (it's a way of life!)
Did you read the "GX-100 dynamic range vs Canon DSLR tests" posted by Morrice at dprf?
Yes Luis, I've read that discussion and saw the posted images. Although I agree the GX100 is great camera, I don't think it can match the quality of large CMOS sensor. But those who know how to use small sensor drawbacks in their favor can produce stunning pics like yours or Bjorn's and many other GRD/GX100 artists ;)
DOH..I just lost an auction for GRD creative kit :( Maybe next time..
hi guys!...ive just checked out Bjorns pics in the above link....fantastic use of light...hmmm...will have to give this a go myself one day!. Its some times hard to be a little more creative with the usual subjects so is great to see what other ppl are doing.....inspiring! lets get out the GX n see what i can do!