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New Member
Just joined this forum and wanted to say a quick hello to you all! Got my GX100 this morning after reading all the good things that Wouter Brandsma over at and Reichman over at Luminous Landscape had to say about it. And then the iF product award just tipped the scales that little bit more I suppose...

My SD card is on its way (wasn't going to be played by the guys in my local camera store) so I probably won't have a proper play until early next week. But, first impressions - what an odd little camera! The little whirring and clicking sounds it makes all the time remind me of the mechanical owl in "Clash of the Titans"...

Kind of perky.
Welcome to the forum! Have a jolly fun time with the GX100 and thank you for reading "My impressions". I hope to see your photos soon.
Hi Hiding_Pup and welcome here! Good choice! GX100 is very universal camera for all kinds of photography. I'm sure, you will not be disappointed.
BTW, the "Clash of the titans" is my favorite movie from childhood ;)