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Hello from the northern part of Germany


New Member
Hi, my name is Torsten and I am located in the northern part of German, Lower Saxony, close to Hannover.
A Ricoh Caplio GX100 was my first Ricoh Camera. I read a lot in the old Ricoh-Forum about the GR`s and beginning to wish for a own GR. In October 2015 I bought me a GR II, which is still alive and in use. By my interest for Ricoh I become aware of Pentax Cameras and in 2017 I added a Pentax KP to my GR II, which is also still in use. With the KP I learned, that the 28mm wide angle is not my preferred focal length. So I didn't hesitate when the GR IIIx came into the market and bought mine in October 2021. The GR IIIx is the perfect addition to my DSLR in situations, where I don´t want to carry a DSLR with me. I love the 40mm equivalent as focal length. I use it mostly for snapshooting, travel-photographie, landscape and sometimes a little bit street-photographie. Since I have the GR IIIx I did some traveling with the GR IIIx, only, which works for me, especially for visiting cities.
Looking forward to interesting discussions, here.